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June Specials

Long Weekend Special For the month of June, all New Patient appointments (first visit) on Friday and Saturday will be just $15! This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend to acupuncture. Please help us spread the word! ************************* Herb of the Month: Emperor’s Teapills Emperor’s Teapills are in the “stress-buster” category of herbs.

Herb of the Month: Free and Easy Wanderer Plus

Our most-often sold herbal formula, Free and Easy Wanderer Plus is designed for women with stress or hormonal issues. As the name suggests, this formula is supposed to make you feel free and easy as you go about your day. It is good for treating irritability, anxiety, headache, PMS, irregular periods, bloating, constipation, tight muscles,

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Stress Relief

Feeling stressed has become so common in modern times that many people don’t even consider it an illness. Yet, stress can create some very real symptoms, both emotional (anxiety, irritability, worry) and physical (headache, tense muscles, shortness of breath). Long-term stress can contribute to ailments like high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, irritable bowel,

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