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It seems that the 2008 cold season is not over, with another severe bout making its rounds through the population.  A study by researchers in the Czech Republic may offer some hope for cold sufferers. 

The study, done in the winter of 2006, examined 390 children with typical cold and flu symptoms, including stuffy and runny noses and sore throats.  All of the children in the study were offered standard medical care, such as decongestant medication.  Some of the children were also given a saline nasal spray several times per day. 

The children who received the nasal wash had significantly less severe cold symptoms, used less medication, and missed fewer days of school.  

Doctors are not certain how the saline spray may work.

Since this study only involved children, it may not be applicable to adults.  The other limitation is that it was sponsored by the same company that manufactures the saline. 

On the positive side, this may be evidence of a completely natural treatment for cold symptoms.  I often recommend nasal washes like Sinucleanse to my patients who suffer from nasal discomfort, colds, and allergies.

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