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Community Acupuncture in China

Patients often ask me if Chinese acupuncturists really practice community acupuncture. A recent blog post to the Community Acupuncture Network website does a great job explaining how patients are treated in hospitals in Shanghai. Follow the link for the full text. An excerpt is below. As you can see, the Chinese clinics are actually a

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Not only was February 14 Valentine’s Day, it also marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year). This year is the Year of the Tiger. What does this mean for you? Check out this great summary from our friends at Sarana Community Acupuncture. The Chinese believe that whatever you

Chinese Medicine for Olympic Athletes

It has been fun watching the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. As an acupuncturist, I find it especially interesting to see the information circulating about Traditional Chinese Medicine (although some of it is mis-information).One clinic in the Olympic athlete’s’ village is offering acupuncture and traditional Chinese massage. Both athletes and coaches are taking advantage of

How Healthy Are Your Eyes?

Can you ward off nearsightedness? Recent news suggests that it may be possible to prevent children from developing myopia. In China, eyestrain accounts for 45 percent of nearsightedness. The Chinese Education Ministry blames poor lighting and the many hours that students spend studying and reading books. To help save students’ vision, the Ministry is proposing

Happy Chinese New Year!

Also called the Lunar New Year, because the date is based on the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year begins February 7, 2008.  In China, New Year celebrations span 15 days and involve complex traditions.  2008 is the year of the Rat, the first sign in the Chinese zodiac.  People born under this sign are said

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