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Acupuncture for “Lazy Eye”

Here is an interesting study from researchers in Hong Kong. They found that acupuncture, when combined with eyeglasses, improved the vision of children with amblyopia (“lazy eye”) better than glasses alone. The results were better in children under 6 years old than in children between 7-12 years. This suggests that it is more effective to

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Weight Loss and Digestive Issues

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be helpful for weight loss and other digestive issues, like acid reflux, irritable bowel, or stomach pain. This article offers suggestions on how to get the most out of your acupuncture treatments for digestive disorders. Pay attention to timing: Spring and summer are the best time to start a weight-loss

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Stress Relief

Feeling stressed has become so common in modern times that many people don’t even consider it an illness. Yet, stress can create some very real symptoms, both emotional (anxiety, irritability, worry) and physical (headache, tense muscles, shortness of breath). Long-term stress can contribute to ailments like high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, irritable bowel,

A Great Resource for Parents

Are you a parent? Are you interested in holistic health? You should know about this great resource in our community, the Holistic Moms Network (HMN). HMN is a national non-profit dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with information about healthy living. The Worcester chapter meets on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7pm

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Fertility

If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year without getting pregnant, you may have been given a diagnosis of infertility. Your doctor has probably ordered many tests for you and your partner, and you may be considering medical treatment. Many women with fertility concerns decide to try acupuncture. When a woman

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Seasonal Allergies

Many of my patients have seasonal allergies. Sometimes the allergies are just a minor annoyance, other times they really interfere with the person’s daily life. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be helpful for many allergy sufferers, even if they have tried a number of different treatments (like prescription medication, homeopathy, etc.) without results. If you

Now Available: The River Valley Acupuncture E-Newsletter!

This week I sent out the first issue of River Valley’s e-newsletter. It contains news about what’s going on in the office, health news, and health tips (this month’s was about staying healthy during cold and flu season). I hope everyone who received it enjoyed it! If you would like to sign up for future

Are You Afraid of Acupuncture?

The # 2 response to my poll question “Why don’t more people try acupuncture” was “They’re afraid of it.” Two thoughts come to my mind about that response. One is that part of the apprehension may come from fear of the unknown. Many people aren’t familiar with acupuncture, which causes it to seem scary. I’ll

This Isn’t Working

Recently, I had a patient ask me an interesting question: Do I ever tell a patient that acupuncture isn’t working for him/her and s/he should stop doing it? Certainly, there are people who don’t seem to respond to acupuncture. But it’s a tough call to know when to “discharge” someone from care. On the one

10+ Eye Care Tips

I came across this helpful article from Ten Ways To Better Eye Health. The great part is that these are ideas anyone can incorporate into their daily routine. Here are some additional massage techniques that can help with eye fatigue. Please go gently when massaging around the eye area!

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