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Happy New Year!

This week I celebrated one year as a community acupuncturist (though I had been practicing acupuncture for several years before that). I marked the occasion with a successful 2 for Tuesday– I treated 20 patients in 3.5 hours, including 16 new patients. It was exciting for me to introduce so many new people to acupuncture.

Fibromyalgia Talk at Generations Healing Center

Do you, or does someone you care about, suffer from fibromyalgia? Are you interested in finding out about natural treatment options? This Friday I will be part of a panel of health professionals discussing alternative and complementary approaches to treating fibromyalgia. This is part of a multi-lecture wellness series hosted by Generations Healing Center in

Free Feng Shui Seminar

On Wednesday, June 10, River Valley Acupuncture is hosting a free Feng Shui for Life seminar. The speaker is Christine Conway, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Christine writes, “We all have the ability to bring positive change into our lives. Feng Shui is the study of our personal environment and the impact the items in our

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