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We are following the lead of schools and other community organizations and closing for at least one week in order to help “flatten the curve” of coronavirus spread.

To be clear, there is NO evidence that anyone involved with DTE has been sick or exposed to the virus.  However, sometimes being a responsible community member means taking proactive steps to help protect everyone.

We will be closed for the entire week of March 16.  After that, we will decide on a week-by-week basis as more information becomes available.

We know that many people rely on their weekly acupuncture sessions for pain management, stress, and many other issues.  We truly regret that we will not be there to help you during this time.

Similarly, as a small business we have no other income streams besides seeing patients in the office.  While we do not anticipate that this temporary closure will cause us undue hardship, an extended closure could put us in a precarious financial situation.  If you are able and so inclined, purchasing a 5-pack or 10-pack gift certificate from our website could really help us weather this “storm.”

Please do your best to take care of yourselves and each other during these trying times.  We will try to stay active on social media with any tips or information that we think might be useful.  We very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

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