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Also called the Lunar New Year, because the date is based on the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year begins February 7, 2008.  In China, New Year celebrations span 15 days and involve complex traditions.  2008 is the year of the Rat, the first sign in the Chinese zodiac.  People born under this sign are said to be great leaders, highly ambitious, and very generous.  Find out more about the Chinese zodiac at http://chinese.astrology.com/

Here are some ways that you can incorporate Chinese New Year celebrations in your own life:

Clean your house before the New Year starts.  Traditionally, this allows you to get rid of any bad luck from the previous year.  Similarly, you do not want to clean on New Year’s Day.  You risk sweeping away good luck, and too much work done during this time could set you up for working hard all year long.

Decorate your home and yourself.  Wear red, considered an auspicious color.  Decorate your house with red paper lanterns, bamboo plants, and fresh flowers.

Have a special meal.  New Year-themed foods include bamboo shoots, tangerines, coconut, peanuts, and shellfish.

Spend time with family and remember your ancestors.  During this time, it is important to recognize those people who are important to you, especially elder family members.  Also, take a moment to remember those who have passed.

The Chinese New Year is another chance to make your New Year’s Resolutions stick.  If you have been struggling to fulfill your resolutions, now you have a second chance at a fresh start.  Whether you are looking to stop smoking, lose weight, or manage stress, you can contact us to find out how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help.

This New Year also brings some exciting new changes for River Valley Acupuncture.  We have a new logo and new brochure, and we have ventured onto the web!  It is my hope that this website will be an interesting and useful source of health information.  Please share your feedback, to help me make the content even better. 

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