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Vacations are great, but why does the time leading up to them have to be so stressful? In the week before my family vacation, I was planning, packing, and worrying: How would my toddler handle the long car ride? Would the office schedule stay busy while I was away? Would I even be able to relax?

I was beyond stressed, and it was obvious. I was rushed and grumpy. I wasn’t sleeping well.

I knew that I couldn’t leave for vacation in this state– it wouldn’t be fair to my family. So, even though I wasn’t done packing and still had a thousand things on my to-do list, I decided that I needed to get in for an acupuncture treatment. Thankfully, Marina had an opening in her schedule the night before we were supposed to leave. It meant that I would be working my normal Friday shift, going home to try to do some laundry and packing, heading back to the office for acupuncture, and then picking my mom up from the bus station. It sounded a little crazy, but I knew the acupuncture treatment was important and I had to make it a priority.

It’s always nice to enter Down to Earth as a patient. There are no expectations for me to “perform,” and I know I will be taken care of. There was a zero-gravity chair open (my favorite), and I took my place among the other relaxing patients.

Of course I am a big believer in acupuncture. But what happened next was astounding even to me. Marina inserted the acupuncture needles and I almost immediately started to feel better. It was like a wave of relaxation came over me, starting at my left ear and flowing across my whole face and then to the rest of my body. I felt clearer and more focused, but also much calmer.

And it lasted all week! The acupuncture treatment was just what I needed to be able let go of my stress and get into vacation mode. Now, I am back in the office, refreshed and happy to see my patients and staff!

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