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Can you ward off nearsightedness? Recent news suggests that it may be possible to prevent children from developing myopia.

In China, eyestrain accounts for 45 percent of nearsightedness. The Chinese Education Ministry blames poor lighting and the many hours that students spend studying and reading books. To help save students’ vision, the Ministry is proposing that schools organize twice-daily eye exercises.

Researchers in the United States have found that 33 percent of Americans are nearsighted and half of Americans have some type of vision problem.

A new study from Australia found a correlation between eyesight and time spent outdoors. Children who spent the most amount of time outside, regardless of the type of activity, had less incidence of nearsightedness. Researchers think that sunlight may prevent the eye growth that can lead to myopia.

So, how much protection do you give your eyes? Make sure that you take breaks from reading and computer use, giving your eyes time to focus in the distance. Avoid both excessive glare and dim light. And find excuses to spend time outdoors!

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