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As promised, here are some self-help acupressure points and herbs that can be used for digestive issues, including weight loss. For more tips, see my blog post, Water, No Ice.

The standard disclaimer applies here– these tips are not meant to replace standard medical care with your primary care provider.

Acupressure points:
Stomach (ST) 36: Located one hands-width below the eyes of the knee, on the outside (lateral) of the shin bone. Good for any digestive issue, low energy, weak immune system.
ST 37: Located one hands-width below ST 36. Good for large intestine issues, diarrhea, constipation.
ST 39: Located one hands-width below ST 37. Good for small intestine issues, trouble absorbing food.
Pericardium (PC )6: Located on the inside of the arm, two fingers-width below the wrist, between the central tendons. Good for nausea, reflux, stress relief.
Ear massage: The whole ear, including cartilage and ear lobe. Can be very calming, help with cravings.
Abdominal massage: Around the navel. Gentle rubbing in a clockwise direction can help improve digestion.

Chinese Herbs (drink as a tea, or add to recipes):
Ginger: Used for nausea.
Peppermint: Used for stomach pain or upset (not to be used for reflux disorders).
Fennel (bulb and seed): Used for gas and bloating, seeds freshen breath.
Licorice: Used for stomach pain and irritation.
Orange Zest: Used for bloating and slow digestion.

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