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Chinese Mushroom May Help Treat Breast Cancer

Scientists are studying the impact of a Chinese mushroom (Phellinus linteus, or song gen in Chinese) on breast cancer tumors.  Preliminary research shows that extracts from the mushroom reduced the growth of cancer cells and blood vessels that supplied the tumors.  The mushroom has also shown promising results for treating skin, lung, and prostate cancer. 

Acupuncture for Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

Acupuncture has long been used to treat hot flashes in perimenopausal and menopausal women.  Now, researchers in Norway have found acupuncture to be helpful in treating hot flashes caused by Tamoxifen, a common treatment for breast cancer. Real acupuncture performed better than “sham” acupuncture, relieving hot flashes both day and night by 50%.  Benefits continued

What You May Not Know About Vitamin D

There have been an astonishing number of articles about vitamin D in the past few months.  Nearly all of the media relates two facts: that vitamin D has important health benefits, and that many of us don’t get enough of it. Our bodies create vitamin D as the result of exposure to sunlight.  Vitamin D

Gender, Race, and Even Geography May Impact Health

For years, health research was done primarily on white men, and scientists assumed that the results were applicable across all populations.  Now, it is becoming increasingly evident that variables such as gender, race, and geography can also impact health.  The following are just a few examples from recent medical literature. Two studies of attention-deficit hyperactivity

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