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New Artist

We have great new artwork in our office by Jackie Penny, the author and illustrator of the children’s book Goodnight Worcester. On display are the original watercolors from the book, which are beautiful scenes depicting Worcester landmarks like Union Station, Shrewsbury Street, and the Worcester Public Library. Jackie wrote Goodnight Worcester for her own children.

Acupressure for Children

Acupressure is based on the same theoretical foundations as acupuncture, but is done without needles. It is a good treatment choice for young children or for anyone who is extremely afraid of needles. A study done last year showed that an acupressure treatment with acupressure beads was effective in helping calm children before they went

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Getting healthy is always at the top of New Year’s resolution lists, whether the goal be to quit smoking, lose weight, or manage stress. However, many people are discouraged because they have attempted these resolutions before, without success. Maybe 2009 can be your year to try something new. If you have been curious about how

Acupuncture for Children with Autism

An interesting study, done by Egyptian researchers, came out this spring. Children with autism were studied to see whether scalp acupuncture could help improve language skills. All of the children received language therapy and half of them also received scalp acupuncture. At the end of nine months, children who received acupuncture showed greater improvement than

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