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Can Acupuncture Improve Depression Symptoms?

A recent Australian study looked at acupuncture’s effects on depression symptoms. The researchers compared patients who used standard anti-depression medication and found that those who added acupuncture to their treatment significantly improved their depression compared to the group that didn’t use acupuncture. Emotional issues are one of the most common main complaints that I see

A Wide Range of Natural Health Options

Usually, I like to keep my blog posts focused on Chinese medicine. But when I do health research I come across a lot of great information about other natural therapies. Here are links to several articles that I’ve found interesting. Yoga: Yoga Eases Physical and Mental Menopause Symptoms (Reuters) Yoga Helps Survivors of Natural Disasters

Chinese Medicine for Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Two reviews released late last year reference Chinese medicine as a possible adjunctive therapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Lung cancer guidelines released by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) endorse massage and acupuncture as integrative therapies that can be used while patients are being treated with conventional Western medicine.  The ACCP states that

Keep Your Heart Happy This Valentine’s Day

Here’s another incentive to maintain a positive outlook on life; you might just boost your heart health. Researchers are looking for the reason that happy and optimistic people are often healthier.  A recent study done at University College London found that men and women who were upbeat tended to have less cortisol production, and women

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