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Treating Stroke With Chinese Medicine

Over the years, I have treated several patients for side effects due to having a stroke. Both acupuncture and herbs can be effective for symptoms such as headache, paralysis, and facial palsy. Generally, treatment should start as soon as possible after the stroke (once the patient has been stabilized) to get the best results. The

Can Acupuncture Improve Depression Symptoms?

A recent Australian study looked at acupuncture’s effects on depression symptoms. The researchers compared patients who used standard anti-depression medication and found that those who added acupuncture to their treatment significantly improved their depression compared to the group that didn’t use acupuncture. Emotional issues are one of the most common main complaints that I see

Harnessing the Healing Power of Chinese Herbs to Freshen Breath

Chinese medicine seems to be entering the mainstream with increasing frequency.  Now, the makers of Wrigley gum are adding Magnolia bark extract into their Eclipse brand of gum and mints.  Laboratory studies found that the extract kills microorganisms that cause bad breath. Magnolia bark, or Hou Po, has been part of the Chinese pharmacopeia for

Staying Happy and Healthy

Does your mood improve as the daylight increases?  Light therapy is a common treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs in the autumn and winter seasons.  Now, scientists are studying the use of light therapy for other types of depression.  A small study done at the University of Pittsburgh Medical

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