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Ginseng for Weight Loss

Chinese Medicine Times recently published a great article about the herb ginseng. One focus of the article was ginseng’s potential use for weight loss and diabetes control. They cite three different studies done in animals that showed improved weight loss and/or blood sugar control in groups that were treated with ginseng. Ginseng has also been

Green Tea Not Just a Tasty Beverage

There are huge amounts of evidence about the many health benefits of drinking green tea. Just in the past six months I’ve found three articles about different health conditions that may respond to green tea. In May, a study found that the antioxidants in green tea may help protect the brain from the harmful effects

What You May Not Know About Vitamin D

There have been an astonishing number of articles about vitamin D in the past few months.  Nearly all of the media relates two facts: that vitamin D has important health benefits, and that many of us don’t get enough of it. Our bodies create vitamin D as the result of exposure to sunlight.  Vitamin D

The Many Benefits of Tai Chi

The five foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine are acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, tui-na massage, and internal exercise.  Internal exercise is the term given to tai chi and qi gong practice.  It describes coordinated, graceful movements which are performed with a meditative mindset, with the intent of improving health and balance in the body. While

Black Tea Studied for Treating Diabetes

Researchers in Scotland have identified three chemical compounds found naturally in black tea that have insulin-like effects on cultured cells.  Scientists hope that this finding may help lead to new diabetes medication or dietary treatments. Since this study was performed in the laboratory, not on live subjects, it is unclear if the results would be

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