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Weighing in on the Toothpick Controversy

Earlier this month, the Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle released the results of a clinical study on acupuncture for back pain. It became controversial almost instantly. Here’s why: the results showed that acupuncture worked for back pain, better than conventional medical care. However, it also showed that “fake” acupuncture, where the acupuncture

Acupuncture for Migraines

An Italian study found that acupuncture relieved pain for migraine sufferers.  Acupuncture out-performed three controls: two groups that received “sham” acupuncture and one which received no preventative treatment.  Improvement in symptoms continued for six months. Acupuncture appeared to help even in patients who had not gotten relief from standard Western medication.

Chinese Herb May Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Preliminary evidence from six research trials has found that Chinese Club Moss may be effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.  It has been shown to increase cognition and function in Alzheimer’s patients and to reduce behavioral disturbances.Researchers theorize that the beneficial effects of Chinese Club Moss are related to its ability to block the enzyme acetyl

Gender, Race, and Even Geography May Impact Health

For years, health research was done primarily on white men, and scientists assumed that the results were applicable across all populations.  Now, it is becoming increasingly evident that variables such as gender, race, and geography can also impact health.  The following are just a few examples from recent medical literature. Two studies of attention-deficit hyperactivity

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

Many people have already read this article, but it’s worth reviewing.  It is some of the best press acupuncture has received recently. A large-scale German study found that acupuncture provided relief for low back pain, performing almost twice as well as conventional medical treatments. This study confirms what acupuncturists have believed for years; acupuncture can

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