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Gluten Free 101: What Is Gluten & Do I Need To Go Gluten Free?

On Saturday January 18 at 2:30, we will be welcoming the Gluten Free Diva for a talk on Gluten Free 101: What Is Gluten & Do I Need To Go Gluten Free? Have you been struggling with unexplained symptoms? Headaches, bloating, fatigue, moodiness, infertility, rashes, hair loss, fogginess, and difficulty paying attention, just to name

Where We’ll Be

On Sunday, February 28 from 11am-1pm, we will be participating in the open house at Generations Healing Center in Oxford. I will be offering free stress-relief ear acupuncture for anyone who would like to try it. This event is the kick-off for a new collaboration between River Valley and Generations. Once a month, on a

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia: Part 2 of the Generations Talk Recap

This is the second part of a four-part recap of a roundtable discussion on fibromyalgia. You can read a background post here and part one here. As I wrote in part one, treating fibromyalgia requires an individualized approach for each patient. For the purposes of this blog post, I will need to vastly over-simplify and

Helpful Information for People With Fibromyalgia: A Summary of the Talk at Generations

The fibromyalgia roundtable at Generations was a great event. I found out lots of helpful information from the other presenters, as well as from the attendees who shared their struggles and what has worked for them. I am using the next few posts to summarize the information that I think could be helpful for people

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