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Days Off

The Office will be closed on July 4 and from July 14-July 21. We will also be closing an hour early on August 24. We hope everyone has a great summer!

Days Off

Happy Summer! The office will be closed on the following dates: July 11-18 August 3 August 24

Vacation Schedule

Emily will be on vacation from Saturday, July 13- Saturday July 20. We are lucky to have Josh and former DTE acupuncturist Ellen Leifman covering most of the shifts. The schedule for the week will be: Saturday 7/13 Closed Monday 7/14 Josh 3:30-6:30 Tuesday 7/15 Closed Wednesday 7/16 Josh 10-1 and 3:30-6:30 Thursday 7/17 Ellen

How Acupuncture Saved My Vacation

Vacations are great, but why does the time leading up to them have to be so stressful? In the week before my family vacation, I was planning, packing, and worrying: How would my toddler handle the long car ride? Would the office schedule stay busy while I was away? Would I even be able to

Schedule for the Week of 8/20/12

Due to vacation and classes, this week we will have a modified schedule. Monday 8/20 and Thursday 8/23 are closed days, this week only. Wednesday evening 8/22 will be open with Marina, and the Friday evening shift on 8/24 will be worked by Emily. All other shifts are on the normal schedule. Thanks for your

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