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Press Release for Central Mass CAN!

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Affordable Acupuncture Comes to Central Mass Worcester, June 1, 2009 Three community acupuncturists brought together by geography and a commitment to a common cause have teamed up to form the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the Community Acupuncture Network (Central Mass CAN!). The purpose of the group is to work together to make acupuncture

River Valley Gets Culture

For the next three months, River Valley Acupuncture has the honor of displaying 5 paintings done by local Worcester artist, Brian Burris. The paintings are beautiful abstract pieces of different sizes and colors, and they hang in the waiting room and both treatment rooms. You can see photographs of the paintings hanging in the office

Ginseng for Weight Loss

Chinese Medicine Times recently published a great article about the herb ginseng. One focus of the article was ginseng’s potential use for weight loss and diabetes control. They cite three different studies done in animals that showed improved weight loss and/or blood sugar control in groups that were treated with ginseng. Ginseng has also been

Important Changes to Our Office

I have some exciting news to share with you: River Valley Acupuncture is moving to a bigger space… and lowering our rates! Office visits will now be charged on a sliding scale of $20-$40 per visit. You decide what you can afford. We are able to do this by switching to a community acupuncture model.

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