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When the days start to hit 60 degrees here in New England and tiny green sprigs of new grass begin to poke out of the ground, do you start to feel your pulse quickening and your attention wandering, as the pent-up energy that made you stir crazy during the winter can finally be released?

Chinese medicine believes that there’s a reason for spring fever.

From some of its earliest beginnings, Chinese medical theory has compared our body’s inner workings with the progression of the seasons.  Sometimes called Five Element or Five Phase theory, these principles state that our environment both impacts and reflects our emotions and health.

Think about what happens in nature when spring begins.  New plants begin to grow, animals come out of hibernation, and rivers swell with runoff from melted snow.

We humans also start to feel more energized.  We are flooded with fresh ideas and new opportunities.  We are more willing to explore, to see and be seen. 

If our energy isn’t harnessed productively, we may even feel a bit manic.  It is important to pay attention to our emotions during this time and to avoid getting irritable or short-tempered.  Other health issues associated with the spring phase are seasonal allergies, eye disorders, and tendon problems, such as sprains and strains.

Since the growth we experience during the spring season is still new, it can sometimes feel fragile.  It is important to nurture new ideas during this time so that we have the strength to reach out and continue growing.

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