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We have a big change coming up this month! We will be changing our business name from River Valley Acupuncture to Down to Earth Acupuncture.

Why the change? River Valley is a name that Emily began using when she was treating in a private-room setting. As we transitioned to practicing community acupuncture, we began to feel the need for a name that better reflected the community acupuncture philosophy. We think that Down to Earth better conveys the impression of a welcoming, comfortable community space.

What else will change? Business cards, brochures, and office forms will all have the new name. Our website will be updated and our signs will need to be replaced.

Everything else will stay the same. Same business owner, acupuncturists and location, and same affordable care!

This also means that our River Valley t-shirts are becoming collector’s items! We still have a few shifts left, in Women’s and Men’s sizes Large and XLarge (Women’s run small). We will sell these t-shirts for just $5 per shirt, until they’re gone.

When will the change take place? It may take several months before everything is completely changed over. Our revised website should be up by April 16, and we will probably start answering the phones with the new name for our May 1 May Day celebration (see below for more information).

It might be confusing for a short time, but we are very excited about the new name!

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