Why Did You Put That Needle There?

Why would I want to get acupuncture? Do I have to believe in this to work? How soon will I start to see changes? Why do you treat differently from my last acupuncturist?

All of the above are common questions that acupuncturists are used to answering. Now, these and many more are answered in an easy-to-understand manner in the new book Why Did You Put That Needle There?

Written by the folks at Manchester Acupuncture Studio, Why Did You Put That Needle There answers the questions that many patients have, but don’t always ask. For the past several weeks, our waiting room copy has been popular with patients—many even bring the book in to read during treatment!

Now, we are also offering copies for sale in our office. If you want more of an in-depth understanding of acupuncture, or you are looking for some easy-to-read information to pass along to a friend or family member, this is the book for you! Why Did You Put That Needle There costs just $8 (plus tax), and a portion of the cost of every book goes to benefit the non-profit Community Acupuncture Network.

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