Why Take Somatics Classes?

Many of you know that I have been an Essential Somatics Movement Teacher in Training (ESMTT) since September.  I admit that even the name is a mouthful, and I know that most people don’t have prior familiarity with Somatic movement.  

So, why should you be interested in Somatic movement? 

You should try Somatics classes if you want:
– A reduction in pain and chronic muscle tension
– Improved range of motion and more ease in your daily activities
– Better balance and coordination
– A relaxing, meditative experience rooted in mindful movement
– A system that allows YOU to be the expert on your own body and be in control of your health
– The ability to improve function as you age

Somatic movements are very gentle and can be modified for *anyone.*

Sign up here: https://downtoearthacupuncture.as.me/

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