Down to Earth Acupuncture

Down to Earth Acupuncture is a Community Acupuncture practice in Worcester, MA.

Our mission is to make acupuncture affordable so that more people can experience its many health benefits.

We charge a sliding scale of $20-$40 per treatment. You decide how much you can afford to pay within this range; we will never ask for income verification, and the amount you pay will not influence the care you receive.

Our treatments are tailored to each individual and take place in a group, with patients relaxing in recliner chairs. This community setting is similar to the way acupuncture traditionally is practiced in China.

Find out how acupuncture can help you. Contact us with any questions or schedule an appointment by calling our office or using the online system. You can learn more about Community Acupuncture or even become a member of our cooperative at the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA).

At Down to Earth Acupuncture we treat a wide variety of conditions and a diverse group of patients. We welcome people of all races, national origins, ages, religions, abilities or disabilities, shapes and sizes, incomes, marital statuses, sexual orientations, sexes, and gender identities.


Latest News from the Office

  • Free Friday for New Patients (11/10/2015)
    If you know someone who has been wanting to try acupuncture, please spread the word! On Friday November 13 from 10am-1pm, all new patient treatments will be free!This special is for folks who have never had acupuncture with us before. Returning patients are also welcome during the shift, at our regular sliding scale rate.
  • Senior Month (11/10/2015)
    This month we are saying thanks to our many patients who are senior citizens; for anyone over the age of 65, your sliding scale starts at just $15 this month!You are welcome to take advantage of this offer as many times as you would like during the month of November. In December, the sliding scale for seniors will return to the regular $20-$40.
  • October Specials (10/20/2015)
    POCA Week POCA is a network of affordable community acupuncture clinics across the U.S., and even internationally. POCA membership goes toward supporting new community clinics, and POCA Tech, the community acupuncture school. All of this helps to make affordable acupuncture more available in various communities.Down to Earth is a POCA member, as are all of our volunteer receptionists. This month, we encourage you to become a POCA member as well! Go to to sign up or renew your POCA membership.All current POCA members can choose one free treatment during the week of October 19 (remember, membership must be renewed each year). POCA members also get a free treatment on their birthday, and free treatment cards to give out to friends and family.Just bring in a copy of your POCA Welcome Letter and let us know you're here for the free treatment (please schedule treatments in advance to secure your time slot).Thanks for being part of our community! Herb of the Month: Solitary Hermit As the weather turns colder, many of us begin to experience more aches and pains.Solitary Hermit is a classic formula for joint aches and chronic pain, especially if the pain gets worse with damp or cold weather.For the month of October, Solitary Hermit is at a 20% discount, just $10.20 while supplies last.

Office Hours

3:30pm – 6:30pm
10:00am – 1:00pm
3:30pm – 6:30pm
10:00am – 1:00pm
10:00am – 1:00pm

Emily is friendly and professional. First and foremost, she listens and remembers. The treatments themselves are almost completely painless and during them I find myself more relaxed and breathing more deeply than I thought possible. Since beginning treatments with Emily, the frequency and severity of my migraines has lessened to the point that I’ve been able to resume more normal activities and she has completely eliminated the accompanying facial pain, which had previously been a daily problem. Overall I have more energy and look forward to the sessions and the relief and sense of well-being that I leave the office with.

I suffered a low back strain and tried for three days to manage the pain and muscle spasms on my own. After just one acupuncture treatment with Emily, my pain was dramatically reduced and my mobility was restored by 80 percent. As a health care professional of 19 years and a business owner, I have experienced a good deal of physical ailments ranging from the common cold to whiplash, as well as stress, anxiety and insomnia. Over the years I have depended on acupuncture as a consistently effective treatment that leaves me feeling relaxed, pain-free and energized.

I had experienced chronic pain for almost a year when I began acupuncture therapy with Emily. After just a few visits, my pain became more manageable and I found myself becoming more active again. I am now able to go up to a week at a time without any pain. With each visit to Emily, I continue to improve.

Emily is amazing and has a terrific ‘bedside manner.’ I always feel relaxed and refreshed after my treatments.


Emily took the time to listen to me and was very caring. She was very thorough in her diagnosis and helped with the digestion problems I’d been having.

In the summer of ’07, I began to experience severe pain, weakness and numbness in my right hand and forearm. My doctor recommended surgery. I decided to try acupuncture since I wanted to avoid surgery. After 4 or 5 acupuncture treatments with Emily, there was significant improvement in my arm. The pain and numbness decreased and the strength returned. I most highly recommend acupuncture therapy!

Emily’s sessions have allowed me to approach work and life with renewed energy and vitality.

After trying so many medical and alternative options I feel acupuncture finally eliminated my migraines. Thank you Emily! I continue to get a treatment anytime I have a cold, allergies, or pains and I think it always helps.

In an effort to reduce daily stress, I have tried many different modalities…..and acupuncture works the best! I am able to have sessions regularly and as a result I feel very calm and centered on both emotional and physical levels. Emily is extremely knowledgeable. She has a kind, gentle, healing touch and she is an amazing gift to us all! Thank you, Emily for making community acupuncture accessible and affordable for everyone in the Worcester area !

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