Somatic Mobility

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Somatic mobility lessons use gentle movements to release chronic muscle tension.

As children, most of us incorporated a wide variety of movements into our day– running, climbing, dancing, and more.  As adults, our movements become more and more limited, until we are essentially specialists in one thing– sitting.  Add into the equation the many physical and mental stressors, accidents, and injuries in our lives which create layer upon layer of compensatory movement patterns.  Is it any wonder that the movements of children seem much more free and fluid than those of adults?

“Getting older” is blamed for many of our ills.  But truly it is the way we have used (or not used) our bodies, rather than our age, that determines our function.  And as our body becomes more sedentary, our brain also begins to forget the important movements of our youth, as the connections in the brain that control these muscles begin to weaken.

How, then, can we restore our body’s functional movement patterns and learn to move freely once again?

Somatic movements in the tradition of Thomas Hanna are very gentle movements united by a cohesive method that help to restore these lost movement patterns and regain function.  These  lessons use mindfulness to identify and release movement patterns that don’t serve you and re-write your brain’s “code” for muscular movement.

Private Somatic mobility lessons can be modified for any individual ability level.  I also offer group Somatic mobility lessons.