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Guest Blog About Community Acupuncture

Please take a moment to read our guest blog on the Deep Relief Massage Therapy website!

Interview About Community Acupuncture

One of the founding members of the community acupuncture movement, Lisa Rohleder, was recently interviewed by The whole interview is great, so I highly suggest you read the entire article. Below is an excerpt, where Lisa answers the question, “[I]s community acupuncture… as clinically effective as private practice? “I have been an acupuncturist for

Community Acupuncture in China

Patients often ask me if Chinese acupuncturists really practice community acupuncture. A recent blog post to the Community Acupuncture Network website does a great job explaining how patients are treated in hospitals in Shanghai. Follow the link for the full text. An excerpt is below. As you can see, the Chinese clinics are actually a

Why Choose Community Acupuncture?

The Experience Community acupuncture is done in a group setting. Patients remain fully clothed and are treated in reclining chairs, making the feel of the space less clinical and more like someone’s living room or community center. Because of the group setting, there is more appointment availability and many patients choose to come in with

Still Unclear About Community Acupuncture?

Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed by Licensed Acupuncturist Giorgi Repeti of the live internet radio show “The Acupuncture Power Hour.” For a full hour, we spoke candidly about community acupuncture and what it means for patients, practitioners, and the future of Chinese medicine. The interview is now available as an MP3

What is Community Acupuncture?

Please take the time to watch this 8-minute video from the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN). CAN represents 150 community acupuncture practices across the United States, Canada, and Israel (there is also a similar organization in the U.K.). As CAN members, we all treat in a group setting and charge affordable rates ranging from $15-$40. The

Giving Thanks

In January of this year, I radically changed my business model– from private room to community acupuncture. Now, almost a year has passed and I am thrilled that I made the switch. I feel truly blessed to be doing work I love and I owe a huge thank you to the people who made it

Why Follow Me on Twitter?

For the past two years, I have made a valiant effort to keep up with blog writing, usually with an article every week. I knew that I wanted the blog to provide useful information to my readers, and to focus on acupuncture and other forms of complementary and alternative care. However, it takes a significant

What is Community Acupuncture Really Like?

You can do the on-line research, you can call and talk to the acupuncturist, but coming in for a treatment is the only way you’ll really understand what community acupuncture is like. The next best thing? Read this post by a real-life patient at Tucson Community Acupuncture in Arizona.

Press Release for Central Mass CAN!

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Affordable Acupuncture Comes to Central Mass Worcester, June 1, 2009 Three community acupuncturists brought together by geography and a commitment to a common cause have teamed up to form the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the Community Acupuncture Network (Central Mass CAN!). The purpose of the group is to work together to make acupuncture

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