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Not surprisingly, the #1 answer to my poll question “Why Don’t More People Try Acupuncture” was: “They Don’t Know Enough About It.” This answer combined with the #4 answer, “They Don’t Think It Will Work” (which I see as an extension of #1), accounted for over half of all responses.

The survey participants confirmed what I see to be the biggest challenge facing the acupuncture profession today– not enough people are aware of how acupuncture can help them.

Of course, providing that information is a major part of why I write this blog (and have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and do speaking engagements whenever I’m asked). But one person, even with the amplification of the internet, can’t reach everyone. This is why I’m hoping that each person who reads this article will share the information.

Here’s what your friends, family, and colleagues need to know:
1. What acupuncture can treat. You’ll find a partial list here. Acupuncture is appropriate for most non-emergency conditions (although in China it is sometimes used for emergencies as well).
2. The benefits of acupuncture. In addition to being effective for many conditions, acupuncture is all natural, safe, and virtually side-effect free (you might come away with an occasional bruise).
3. Who should try acupuncture. Many people prefer to start off with the least invasive treatment– sometimes drugs or surgery are not the only option. If you know someone who is seeking a natural treatment strategy or even someone who has tried many kinds of treatments without success (I see that a lot), these folks would be good candidates for acupuncture.

What if someone wants more information before making a decision? I offer free telephone consultations (508-890-8899), or they can contact me through the website.

Thanks for spreading the word!

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