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Final 2-for-1 of Summer on 8/16
We will be doing one last 2-for-1 special on Saturday 8/16. If you bring a new patient with you to get treated, both of your treatments will cost only $20!

This must be their first time getting treated at DTE and you must both come on the same day to get the 2 for $20 special. Please pass the word!

“Irregular” T-Shirt Sale
Our first batch of T-shirts did not come out the way we wanted and have been replaced. Some of the shirts fade a bit in the wash, one has a stray gray mark on it, and one has a small hole along the seams. We are selling these “irregular” T shirts for just $5 for the month of August.

We will also continue to sell our new and improved shirts for the regular price of $15.

Herbs of the Month: Stress Busters
Just like last month, in August we will also be selling some of our discontinued formulas at a steep discount.

This month, we are offering two formulas that are great at calming stress. Calm Spirit Teapills are especially good for sadness and trouble sleeping. Emperor’s Teapills are good for irritability, insomnia and feelings of heat.

For the month of August, both formulas will be offered at a 40% discount, just $7.65 per bottle. This deal is only good while supplies last. We will not be re-stocking these formulas when they run out, but we can special order them for anyone who is interested.

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