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Community acupuncture clinics around the country are running our semi-annual POCA membership drive! At DTE, we are sweetening the deal by offering all POCA members a FREE treatment on Wednesday, October 16.

What is POCA?
POCA is the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture. It is a national cooperative network made up of acupuncturists, patients, and community members who want to support the community acupuncture movement.

Why Should I Join POCA?
In addition to the benefits listed below, your POCA membership will help to make affordable acupuncture available to more people across the country. Membership fees go toward providing resources to community acupuncture clinics and patients, including small business loans to clinics who open up in needy areas.

What Are the Benefits?
– A free treatment at any POCA member clinic on your birthday.
– 3 free treatment cards to give to friends for their first treatment at a POCA clinic.
– Access to the online POCA forums, where you can learn more about community acupuncture, connect with other patients, and share your opinions and ideas.
– The ability to volunteer at a POCA clinic (ask us if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity at DTE).
– A free treatment on Wednesday, October 16, during either of our shifts (10-1 with Emily or 3:30-6:30). This free day is open to both new and returning patients, as long as you have a valid POCA membership from the past year. Bring in a copy of your receipt or your POCA welcome email.

How Do I Sign Up?
– Go to
– Pick how much you want to pay for your membership. Membership fees are on a sliding scale of $25-$100. So, for just the cost of one acupuncture treatment (or more, if you’re feeling especially generous), you can get all of the benefits listed above!

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