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5 for $85 Sale
For a very limited time, we are offering 5 acupuncture treatments for just $85, when you purchase a 5-treatment card in advance. Since this is such a good deal, we will only be selling the cards for the month of June and there is a limit of two cards per person.

When you come in, make sure the acupuncturist knows that you want to buy a 5-treatment card. You must pay in full, in advance, in cash or check. There is no expiration date to the cards once you have bought them.

2 for $20 on Saturday June 21
Introduce a friend to the benefits of acupuncture on Saturday, June 21. If you bring a new patient with you to get treated, both of your treatments will cost only $20!

This must be their first time getting treated at DTE and you must both come on the same day to get the 2 for $20 special.

Please pass the word!

Herb of the Month: Free and Easy Wanderer Plus
Our most-often sold herbal formula, Free and Easy Wanderer Plus is designed for women with stress or hormonal issues. As the name suggests, this formula is supposed to make you feel free and easy as you go about your day.

It is good for treating irritability, anxiety, headache, PMS, irregular periods, bloating, constipation, tight muscles, and more. For the month of October, this formula will be 20% off– just $9.60 ($10.20 with tax). Ask Emily or Josh if Free and Easy is right for you!

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