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Many of you have already commented on the lovely and serene new paintings in the office. The artist, Kathy Hebert, has paintings, prints, and a book for sale. Her website is here, and some more information about her and her work is below.

Kathy Hebert is a local artist who has lived Worcester for almost 20 years. Born in Burlington, Vermont, she studied Fashion Design and Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where she received a BFA degree in 1973. Hebert did not start out as an artist, in fact, before she went to Pratt, her only experience with art was with paint by numbers she received as gifts each Christmas. Teachers often singled out her art work as “what not to do.”

She moved to Boston in 1975 to work as a lounge singer at the Sheraton. Her singing career spanned 10 years performing her folk songs five or six nights a week. Because she loved to paint and draw, she continued to take art classes during this time but continued to struggle, never showing any special talent. She moved to Framingham in 1978 and one thing led to another.

In 1986, Hebert began her first “Beginning Art” class, teaching art to people like her – adults who didn’t have any talent but always wanted to learn to draw. Then, after studying with Rockport artist, Helen Van Wyk, she began teaching these same beginners how to paint. She taught in several adult ed classes in the area until she moved to Worcester in 1994.

Hebert found a home teaching her “Beginning Art” class to adults at Assabet Valley’s After Dark program. From there students started coming to her home to continue their art education. She currently has about twenty students who meet at any of her morning, afternoon or evening classes at her studio.

Finally, after two years, Hebert finished her first book, “No Talent Required: My Journey from Paint by Numbers to Art Instructor.” She wrote the book hoping to encourage anyone who had a dream to draw and paint to give art a try. No Talent is Required! The book records her long journey, her summer studying with Helen Van Wyk and ends up with some tips and tricks to help beginners get a good start. The book is available at Amazon for soft cover and Kindle and at for other ebook options.

Hebert loves to paint everything. Still life, landscape, portrait – whatever the moment brings. She often works from her own photographs and concentrates her attention on color and light. Down to Earth Acupuncture is displaying a small sampling of her work. Enjoy.

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