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Thank you to everyone who took my survey about why people don’t try acupuncture. Some of the results came out as I expected, but others surprised me.

I will be discussing the results over the next several blog posts. To begin with, here was the basic information:

  • 30 People responded to the poll.
  • 43.3% of them had tried acupuncture before.
  • Almost 80% knew a friend or family member who had tried acupuncture.
  • In response to the question “In your opinion, the #1 reason why people don’t try acupuncture is,” the most popular answer (44.8%) was “They don’t know enough about it.”
  • In second place was: “They are afraid of it” (27.6), followed by “It’s too expensive” in third place (20.7).
  • Just under seven percent of people chose “They don’t think it will work” and no one picked “There aren’t any acupuncturists close by.”

Do you agree with these opinions? I’ll give my take on the results in the coming weeks.

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