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Natural Antibiotics With Essential Oils

Join massage therapist Jess Weagle, LMT as she shares how to use essential oils as natural antibiotics. Topics will include ear infections, sore throats, cold/flu and more. You will learn what oils to use for each of these common sickness. Date: Sunday, August 25 Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: Down to Earth Acupuncture This class is

Is it a Cold or Allergies?

Fall is the beginning of cold season. It’s also when people with allergies to weeds (ragweed, goldenrod, etc.) tend to have the worst symptoms. So, how do you know if you are coming down with a cold or if you have allergies? This chart from WebMD does a great job of breaking down the common

Acupuncture and Raynaud’s Syndrome

This Saturday, I will be part of a panel discussion on Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Raynaud’s at the 1st Annual Raynauds Association National Patient Conference in Boston. I have treated several patients with Raynaud’s syndrome, which impairs blood circulation to the extremities, causing cold hands and feet and often pain and numbness. Symptoms can

How to Protect Yourself from the Common Cold

It seems that we are facing an early start to the cold season this year; I have already come into contact with a half dozen sick patients and friends. Everyone has their favorite methods of preventing and treating colds. In this article, I will share some tips from a Chinese medicine perspective. Take care of

A Sea Water Solution for Cold Symptoms?

It seems that the 2008 cold season is not over, with another severe bout making its rounds through the population.  A study by researchers in the Czech Republic may offer some hope for cold sufferers.  The study, done in the winter of 2006, examined 390 children with typical cold and flu symptoms, including stuffy and

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