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June Specials

Long Weekend Special For the month of June, all New Patient appointments (first visit) on Friday and Saturday will be just $15! This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend to acupuncture. Please help us spread the word! ************************* Herb of the Month: Emperor’s Teapills Emperor’s Teapills are in the “stress-buster” category of herbs.

Herb of the Month: Gui Pi Tang

Gui Pi Tang is the perfect formula for February because it helps to strengthen the Qi energy of the heart. What does this mean? Gui Pi Tang is a good formula for people who have excessive worry, trouble falling asleep, and fatigue. It can also be useful for poor digestion and certain menstrual issues. For

Is “Being Healthy” a Worthwhile Goal?

The American culture is very goal oriented. There’s nothing wrong with that; it has made us a prosperous and productive nation. But sometimes that focus does us a disservice when it comes to our health. Most of my new patients come in with a specific “main complaint”—a condition or set of symptoms that they want

Gender, Race, and Even Geography May Impact Health

For years, health research was done primarily on white men, and scientists assumed that the results were applicable across all populations.  Now, it is becoming increasingly evident that variables such as gender, race, and geography can also impact health.  The following are just a few examples from recent medical literature. Two studies of attention-deficit hyperactivity

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