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Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Seasonal Allergies

Many of my patients have seasonal allergies. Sometimes the allergies are just a minor annoyance, other times they really interfere with the person’s daily life. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be helpful for many allergy sufferers, even if they have tried a number of different treatments (like prescription medication, homeopathy, etc.) without results. If you

Seasonal Allergies Presentation

This Friday I will be part of a panel of health professionals discussing how to prevent and treat seasonal allergies. This is part of a multi-lecture wellness series hosted by Generations Healing Center in Oxford (I will be there again next month to discuss fibromyalgia). Other speakers include herbalist Dell Bachand and Linda Spring of

Spring Weather Brings Allergy Symptoms for Many

For people with seasonal allergies, this lovely spring weather can lead to some unpleasant symptoms.  Seasonal allergies related to pollen can affect us in the spring, summer, or fall.  The predominant pollens right now in Massachusetts are tree pollens, such as Cedar, Juniper, and Poplar.   Grass pollens will be higher in the summer, and weed

The Spring Season and Chinese Medical Theory

When the days start to hit 60 degrees here in New England and tiny green sprigs of new grass begin to poke out of the ground, do you start to feel your pulse quickening and your attention wandering, as the pent-up energy that made you stir crazy during the winter can finally be released? Chinese

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