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Each month, I put out an email newsletter that includes office events, health news, and health tips. It is my goal to fill the newsletter with useful information that will be interesting to you and your friends.

While some of this information is also posted on our website or facebook page, much of it is only found in the newsletter. How do you know if it would be worth your while to subscribe? Here is a summary of some of the contents:

· Find out about office events before anyone else knows. For example, I have a free acupuncture day coming up in October. I haven’t publicized it anywhere except my newsletter, so newsletter subscribers can get first choice of appointment times.
· Get more in-depth information about acupuncture and other healing modalities like massage, tai chi, etc.
· Learn about vitamins & herbal supplements, food & recipes, and stretching & exercises.

The newsletter is short and easy to skim if you are looking for a particular topic. And if you decide you don’t want to keep receiving it, you can unsubscribe any time.

To sign up, go to home page of our website. Enter your information in the box on the bottom of the right hand menu bar. Or, contact us and I will put you in the database. All I need is your first name and email address. I hope you enjoy it!

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