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Herbs of the Month: Allergy Busters

We are continuing our allergy-season special this month. These formulas are great for dealing with many different allergy symptoms. Ask Emily or Josh which one would be right for you. All 3 formulas are on sale at a 20% discounted rate of $10.20 per bottle. Xiao Chai Hu Tang This formula is great for all

T-shirt Design Contest

Put on your artist hat and help Down to Earth design our new T-shirts! Ever since we changed our name this year, we have been wishing for some new office T-shirts. But we haven’t been able to find the right image or slogan. We know that many of our patients are artistic and creative. So,

Gua Sha Class

Gua sha is a traditional form of bodywork used throughout Asia and in many other cultures. It involves using a rounded-edged instrument to rub the skin and muscles and produce a beneficial effect. Gua sha literally means “scraping sand”—- after a gua sha treatment, the skin is usually reddened with small dots (the “sand”). Gua

Moxa Class: January 21

Moxa, short for moxabustion, is a Chinese herb that is used externally to warm acupuncture points and channels. It’s a treatment that you can take home to use on yourself for a number of different conditions, such as joint and muscle pain and stiffness, fertility and menstrual issues, weak immune system, skin disorders, and fatigue.

Why Sign Up for Our Newsletter?

Each month, I put out an email newsletter that includes office events, health news, and health tips. It is my goal to fill the newsletter with useful information that will be interesting to you and your friends. While some of this information is also posted on our website or facebook page, much of it is

Acupuncture and Raynaud’s Syndrome

This Saturday, I will be part of a panel discussion on Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Raynaud’s at the 1st Annual Raynauds Association National Patient Conference in Boston. I have treated several patients with Raynaud’s syndrome, which impairs blood circulation to the extremities, causing cold hands and feet and often pain and numbness. Symptoms can

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Pain Management

Acupuncture has been used to treat pain for thousands of years. It can be effective for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from ankle sprain to rheumatoid arthritis. If you are considering trying acupuncture for your pain condition, taking these simple steps can help you get the most out of your treatments. · Track your

Getting the Most Out of Acupuncture: Fertility

If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year without getting pregnant, you may have been given a diagnosis of infertility. Your doctor has probably ordered many tests for you and your partner, and you may be considering medical treatment. Many women with fertility concerns decide to try acupuncture. When a woman

And the #1 Reason Is…

Not surprisingly, the #1 answer to my poll question “Why Don’t More People Try Acupuncture” was: “They Don’t Know Enough About It.” This answer combined with the #4 answer, “They Don’t Think It Will Work” (which I see as an extension of #1), accounted for over half of all responses. The survey participants confirmed what

Now Available: The River Valley Acupuncture E-Newsletter!

This week I sent out the first issue of River Valley’s e-newsletter. It contains news about what’s going on in the office, health news, and health tips (this month’s was about staying healthy during cold and flu season). I hope everyone who received it enjoyed it! If you would like to sign up for future

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