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This past Saturday, I volunteered at Veterans Acupuncture Care (VAC) Metrowest in Framingham, MA. VAC offers free auricular (ear) acupuncture treatments for veterans and their families. The treatments are primarily geared toward stress reduction, but like all forms of acupuncture they help to restore balance in the entire body. Treatments are done in a community acupuncturesetting in one large room, with patients sitting upright in chairs.

We only saw one patient this Saturday, a veteran who had been to VAC before and gave it glowing reviews. We are hoping to publicize this service because it has the potential to benefit many more people.

The stress reduction aspect of the treatment can be particularly helpful for veterans who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although it is not a new disorder, PTSD has been highlighted in the news in the past several years due to the large percentage of cases among troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, many people believe that the military hospitals do not have enough resources to accommodate everyone who needs treatment.

Preliminary studies have found acupuncture to be useful in the treatment of PTSD.

VAC Metrowest is made possible with the support of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a group that also uses auricular acupuncture to help survivors of natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina.You can contact them to find veterans projectsin other states.

The Metrowest clinic is open every Saturday from 10am-12pm at the Framingham Civic League, 214 Concord Street. No appointments are necessary. Please tell everyone who might benefit from these treatments. For more information, leave a comment here or contact us.

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